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Masters in Plexiglas
Perspex & Acrylic Instore Solutions

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Amsterdams Historisch Museum
The exhibition hall of the Amsterdam
Historical Museum had to be furnished:
The exhibition hall of the Amsterdam Historical Museum had to be furnished:
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Casting: make something valuable timeless.

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Sheets, tubes, rods, colours, adapted and/or not adapted, from stock, delivered instantly.
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Plexiglas is made of polymethylmethacrylate which is called PMMA or acrylic for short. The various brand names under which this product is sold are functionally almost identical. Eiso Bergsma delivers all these products and brands in every imaginable size and form.

From Plexiglas sheets and blocks (transparent or coloured) to customized Perspex displays. From large to small showcases (perfectly clear glued) to pedestals and awards. We provide complete in-store solutions, product presentations and offer many industrial applications.

Eiso Bergsma is a renowned specialized plastic supplier with over 30 years of experience. With our sublime high definition machinery we are able to bend, cut and mill Plexiglas into any desired result.

More advice and information about what acrylic is best for your product or application can be found on this site. And of course you can always call us with your specific questions about all Eiso Bergsma products. >

We also supply other materials in combination with Plexiglas, including: metal, wood and leather. For special security applications - such as boat windows and car windows - we also offer customized products of polycarbonate.